River Lights

The South Bend River Lights are the most recent addition to the city's efforts to bring art, entertainment and innovation to South Bend. The St. Joseph River comes alive at dawn with the interactive display of symbolic colors dancing across the water. The River Lights are the standing remnants of South Bend's 150th birthday celebration and were designed by world-renowned lighting designer Rob Shakespeare of Shakespeare Lighting Design.

The River Lights include two interactive light sculptures erected on both sides of the river and a third sculpture that symbolically unites the two sides of the river. The lights are located near Seitz Park and right outside of the Century Center Island. The placement is brilliant as the dynamic lights intensify the grandiose of cascading water down the river. Public access to view the lights is available 24 hours a day on the Century Center Island except during private events. It is undoubtedly the best location to view the lights in all of their glory. Also, the lights are available to reserve for your special event! This means that the lights can be matched to your event's color theme.

The River Lights are South Bend's way of reigniting appreciation for the city's most beautiful asset: the St. Joseph River. With built-in, motion detector sensors in the light pillars, the lights change colors and patterns when people pass nearby. This is truly a sight to see as visitors on one side of the river can send a pattern of colored lights across the river, while visitors on the other side can signal a flow of color in return. The South Bend River Lights are not just something to see, but something to experience.



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